Faster, Easier Loan Approvals

If you meet our financial requirements, securing loans should be relatively easy. We’ve partnered with several trusted franchise financing organizations to help make the process go as smoothly as possible.


Through our partnership with BoeFly, you’ll have access to powerful financing support that improves your odds and ultimate loan terms. We’ve arranged to provide qualified candidates with quick access to hundreds of lenders through a single loan request, all at a discounted rate. Through Wild Wing Cafe, you’ll get 20% off the regular BoeFly membership fee for access to:

  • Compatibility matching to over 1,500 business lenders
  • Trusted banks that are already familiar with the Wild Wing Cafe brand
  • A secure system for building complete bank-ready financing that can be shared with countless lenders…but only when you are ready

SBA Registry

Thinking of applying for financial assistance through the Small Business Administration? We’ve got you covered. Wild Wing Cafe has been pre-approved by the SBA Franchise Registry, ensuring an expedited loan process.

Bank Credit Report

We understand that banks are evaluating more than just your personal portfolio. They’re also considering Wild Wing Cafe’s overall system and performance, which adds another layer of analysis to the approval process. To give you the upper hand, we’ve taken steps to provide lenders with an official bank credit report from Frandata. This trusted Wild Wing Cafe BCR will provide everything they need to know about our corporate strategy, financial performance and unit fees and costs.