Operations Requirements

Owning and operating a restaurant is one of the most rewarding business opportunities available today. It’s also one of the most competitive. For this reason, we look for candidates who have some experience in the restaurant and service industries, and for business savvy individuals who have managed large teams and understand local marketing.

Building a Winning Team

When it comes to building your staff, we do insist on a few key ingredients that have proved to make for winning teams.

Industry Experience

Previous experience in the casual restaurant and bar industry is a must for all managers. You’ll also need to find qualified staff who are skilled at supervising large teams in a bustling work environment.


The typical Wild Wing Cafe employs 40 to 70 people, depending on location and market size. You’ll need a minimum of three front of house and two back of house managers, and possibly more depending on your sales predictions.


You’ll need to secure the service of qualified vendors for everything from fixtures and equipment to food and bar supplies. We’ll provide you with a complete list of approved, preferred vendors in your operations manual.

People Skills

True, these are not necessarily quantifiable, but they are very important to us. As a Wild Wing Cafe franchisee, you’ll be overseeing a sizeable workforce and the ability to maintain morale and engage with customers is a must.