It’s Easy with Support from Our Home Office

Step 1: Apply

Once you’ve determined that Wild Wing Cafe is the right opportunity for you, we ask that you and your partners submit an application to our team, which will review your experience and background. Once the completed application is approved, you’ll hear from a member of our team to discuss opportunities in your market in more detail.

Step 2: Review the Financial Disclosure Document

We’ll get you a copy of our Financial Disclosure Document so you can take a good, hard look at everything from our corporate bios and training program to your investment fee breakdown and a contact list of all current franchise owners.

Step 3: Meet a Member of our Executive Team

Next, we come to you. That’s right—a member of our Executive Team will hop on a plane to meet you in person and discuss available opportunities in your market.

Step 4: Meet Our Corporate Team and Attend a Day of Discovery

Here’s where it gets really fun. You’ll have an excuse to visit historic Charleston, SC, where you’ll meet Wild Wing Cafe’s corporate staff, present your business plan and get an introduction to the support and training we provide. During your visit you’ll have a personal day of discovery, giving you an opportunity to accompany kitchen and wait staffs and get on-location answers to your most pressing questions.

Step 5: Sign Development Agreement

If all goes well thus far—you like what you see and we like what you can bring to the table—you’ll be asked to sign a development agreement for an agreed-upon number of stores to develop over a specified timeframe. We’re looking for multi-unit operators to sign on with a minimum of three to five stores.

Step 6: Find the Right Location

With the help of our nationwide real estate team at Colliers, we’ll help you find the locations that meet all of our demographic requirements. You’ll also receive assistance with the negotiation and contract process.

Step 7: Construction Support

Once a site has been selected and approved by our Site Approval Committee, our construction team will begin to walk you through the building process. Our director of construction will also visit your site several times to make sure contractors are executing the job properly and on time.

Step 8: Training Support

We’ll assist you in hiring managers and then take your team through a comprehensive, 13-week training program at our home office in Charleston. By the time you graduate, you’ll be ready to handle every job and face any scenario known to Wild Wing Cafe.

Step 9: Grand Opening Support

In addition to assisting you in hiring all staff, our support team—experienced kitchen managers, hosts and others—will be on-site to help get everything ready for a “guinea pig” dinner, VIP party and the grand opening night. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, the Wild Wing Cafe promotions team will help develop a pre-opening marketing strategy to get locals excited about each restaurant’s grand opening.

Step 10: Post-Opening Support

After the grand opening, our support team will stay on-site for another 12 to 14 days as your new team transitions to day-to-day operations.