An Experience Like Nothing Else in Town

It’s the first game of the season, and Wild Wing Cafe is PACKED. Being passed around are hundreds of buckets of beer, huge platters of chicken wings, high fives and shouts at the many TV screens. Seems like half the town’s showed up to cheer on their teams—which, most likely, is exactly what’s happened.

Our goal is to become the go-to sports hangout in every one of our markets. Whether it’s football season, March Madness, PGA tour events or time for MLB, NBA or NHL, locals know this chicken wing franchise as the place they can count on for a great sports experience. So great, in fact, that even some college coaches choose to do their weekly radio spots from our stores.

As a Wild Wing Cafe owner, you can rely on all the amenities that’ll keep your most loyal customers coming back again and again:

Support for Local Sports

It’s not just the national games and tournaments that will bring people through your doors. Recreational teams have come to rely on their local Wild Wing Cafes for post-game beers and wings, and even little league teams are spotted here season after season. That’s because supporting communities is a big part of our franchising, and we provide ample opportunities for you to back your local players. Whether it’s sponsoring softball teams, contributing to school sports or dedicating decor to the notable athletes from your town, we’ll help you create the atmosphere and camaraderie that get sports enthusiasts excited about the Wild Wing experience and its importance in your community.