Chicken Franchise Opportunities
That’ll Make Your Mouth Water

Wild Wing Cafe is a testament to the fact that you don’t need fancy china to be a magnet for foodies. Give them tender chicken meat dripping with melt-in-your-mouth signature sauces, homemade dressings with ingredients like fresh buttermilk and herbs, and thick hand-cut, beer-battered onion rings…and a hefty pile of lemon scented wet naps will beat out white linens any day.

True, food this delicious isn’t easy. It’s going to be work. While we do take steps to help the kitchen operate as smoothly as possible, hand pattying fresh beef and making dips and condiments from scratch requires a lot more elbow grease than opening frozen bags for the microwave. But it’s these truly fresh, homemade dishes that separate Wild Wing Cafe from the typical franchise. And it’s what will keep your customers coming back again and again.

Fresh, Homemade Dishes

Yes, many restaurant chains love to throw out buzzwords like “fresh” and “homemade,” but at Wild Wing Cafe it’s legit. Our chicken has never been frozen. Our sauces are made daily, as are our batters and trademark dressings. Some of them, like the made-from-scratch blue cheese dressing based on an old family recipe, just can’t be recreated in a pre-packaged version. We know. We’ve tried. So we’ll stick to the real thing, thank you very much. At Wild Wing Cafe, we strive to avoid mass processing, bottling, freezing and microwaving. Our food is always fresh, and our signature dishes are always homemade.

More Than Just Chicken Wings

When the first Wild Wing Cafe opened, flavored chicken wings were a novelty. No other restaurant was offering them, so it only made sense to make them our specialty. As a franchisee, however, you’ll find that our wide range of customers— families, business lunch crowds, young professionals, even well-known local chefs—rave about the menu, even when platters of tear-from-the-bone chicken meat isn’t their thing. That’s because we offer an extensive menu guided by our customers’ tastes and seasonal ingredients, with items such as: